nhttpd - on/off

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nhttpd - on/off

Beitrag von nitr8 »

I have added an on off switch in Driver / Boot Settings to turn nhttpd on or off. If you don't use yweb why run the demon?

it all works 100%, what i cant figure out is how not using var-neutrino-local.sh is to touch /var/etc/.boot_nhttpd so that it defaults to on.


please find attached the diff.

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You can add these lines to start_neutrino:

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if [ -e /var/tuxbox/config/neutrino.conf ] ; then
	echo "#found neutrino.conf..."
	echo "#first start: set nhttp starting to default..."
	touch /var/etc/.nhttpd
(It's only an example!)
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Re: nhttpd - on/off

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(nach oben hol)

Dieser Patch wäre doch nett fürs CVS, oder?
Ich habe ihn allerdings nicht mit dem aktuellen CVS abgeglichen,
nur gerade im ULC gesehen :D
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Re: nhttpd - on/off

Beitrag von Barf »

I suspect that disabling nhpptd under some circumstances may have unexpected side effects. There are spurious "wget localhost" in some places in the code if I recall correctly.

The few ones that want to disable nhttpd can hand-edit start_neutrino. The rest of us will have yet another configuration option and larger neutrino.

My vote is therefore against committing.
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Re: nhttpd - on/off

Beitrag von seife »

I agree with Barf - even though there is only one instance of "wget localhost" left - and that is to tell nhttpd to reread the services - but still, IMHO we should actually try to get less configuration options, not more.