Board Rules (short version)

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Board Rules (short version)

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see also Boardrules

Because our board rules are written in German language (FAQ section), here is a short list:

- no illegal topics here!

- no diskussion about keys, emulators, multicam, softcam, cracking of pay tv, etc.
- no support of illegal software (emu images, etc.)

- don't ask for uCodes, they are (c) and may not be distributed.

- Dbox2 officially supports FreeTV and BetaCrypt decoding, only.

- No discussion about this rules.

Any post/thread containing illegal content will be removed!
This also includes naming of illegal topics/images.

Please, be so kind to obey the board rules...

Rules are enforced without any exception.
(otherwise we probably would have an ongoing discussion whether a post is within the rules or not and why...)

You might use an online translation tool (e.g. @ for a raw translation of our FAQ, WIKI or rules...

--> FAQ translated by google (I guess, laughters are garanteed)

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