build of cdk/glibc fails version-init.h

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build of cdk/glibc fails version-init.h

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Im new to this and I'm not familiar with cvs yet

I just downloaded the cvs but building the cdk fails compiling version.c.

/home/mas/tuxbox-cvs/cdk/build_glibc/csu/version-info.h:2: error: missing terminating " character

And indeed there are a couple of lines in the file that are missing terminating quotes.

The notes say report failures on this forum so - consider it reported ;)

Have I inadvertently picked up the wrong files ? It seems strange problem to have - that is I can't imagine how such a trivial error got into the cvs - unless I have a bad/old cvs.


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please have a look @ PT1's helpfile,

i put a whole section in there that should help you!

under Image Creating -- > Tuxbox Newmake for DUMMIES

Build system prerequisites
Creating images with Neutrino on JFFS2 or SquashFS
Set up the necessary directory structure
Download the source from CVS
Update your CVS
Run the autogen
Patch your source
Configure the build
Using files
Make JFFS2 filesystem
Make SquashFS filesystem
Cleaning your target
Building Images using files (JFFS2 / SquashFS) (JFFS2 / SquashFS) (JFFS2 ONLY) (JFFS2 ONLY) (JFFS2 ONLY) (SquashFS ONLY) (SquashFS ONLY) (SquashFS ONLY) (SquashFS ONLY)
List of currently available options in configure
Optional Features:
Optional Packages:
Cleaning Images
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What distri do you use?
Na schönen Dank Herr Schwanke!
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if (k)ubuntu search for ubuntu in forum
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Re: build of cdk/glibc fails version-init.h

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Yeah, I've just had this error building on Kubuntu 6.1(ish), turns out it was caused by my /bin/sh not pointing to Bash - who knows why ? - im sure i didn't change it.

for linux noobs do this:

to check its pointing to bash:

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ls -al /bin/sh 
it should look like this:

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lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 2008-02-10 23:29 /bin/sh -> bash
if its not fix it with this:

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cd /bin
sudo rm sh
sudo ln -s bash sh

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