D-Box 2 / Neutrino and my US TV (NTSC)?

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D-Box 2 / Neutrino and my US TV (NTSC)?

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I'm new to this board and also fairly new to the subject of Dboxes and Neutrino and all.
After days of researching online I can't find answer to my rather simple question, so here it goes:

Will Neutrino enable me to switch my Sagem D-Box 2 to output in NTSC?

I have the original firmware on right now and it does not work with my American (NTSC) TV (b/w video and no audio).
I am considering to flash it with Neutrino (JTG) if this will allow me to change the output format to NTSC.

I would highly appreciate any input on this matter!

Thank you,
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Re: D-Box 2 / Neutrino and my US TV (NTSC)?

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Code: Alles auswählen

Version 0.3
Usage: ./saa <options>

-h, --help            help
-o, --power-save <X>  power save mode
                      none get power save state
                      0    power save off
                      1    power save on
-r, --rgb             rgb mode
-f, --fbas            fbas mode
-s, --svideo          svideo mode
-y, --yuv-cvbs        yuv+cvbs mode
    --yuv-vbs         yuv+vbs mode
-m, --mode            get current mode
-p, --pal             pal mode
-n, --ntsc            ntsc mode
-i, --input <X>       input control
                      MP1      = 1
                      MP2      = 2
                      CSYNC    = 4
                      DEMOFF   = 8
                      SYMP     = 16
                      COLORBAR = 128
 -w, --wss <x>        widescreen signalling
                      none get widescreen signalling state
                      0    4:3 full format
                      1    14:9 center letterbox
                      2    14:9 top letterbox
                      3    16:9 center letterbox
                      4    16:9 top letterbox
                      5    >16:9 center letterbox
                      6    4:3 with 14:9 center letterbox
                      7    16:9 full format (anamorphic)
                      8    turned off
 -t, --ttx [<x>]      teletext VBI reinsertion
                      none get teletext reinsertion state
                      0    turned off
                      1    turned on
Usage: ./saa -n

-> ntsc mode


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