plugin reboots

Alles rund um das grafische Benutzerinterface Enigma
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plugin reboots

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i know its a very generic question but i hope i get any kinf of answers

i wrote a plugin and its so simple, just downloads a file and read its content

what could be the reason to make the dreambox500 reboot ?

where can i find that out ? dmesg says nothing , and iam not sure where to look in /var/log/

also if i use eSystemInfo::getInstance()->getHwType() it will just freeze , any idea?
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Re: plugin reboots

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I´m not a programmer, I couldn´t even compile an Image year ago, but few days ago I compiled a simple plugin by DarkVolli, screenFormat, what it does, it simply changes screen format (letterbox, panscan...) on 16:9 services, the same you can accomplish form setup, A/V settings, is more comfortable as a plugin, the Makefile I took from another plugin (movieplayer), I was a bit irritated that it cannot do "always 16:9" on the dbox2, although dbox2 can do it, so I addapted it for the dbox2, it worked, it uses "eSystemInfo::getInstance()->getHwType()" too, (you lucky one), just thought could be of help for you and other people who wants to know how to make an enigma1 plugin, by the way, the hardware is defined in info.h, info.cpp

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enum { dbox2Nokia, dbox2Sagem, dbox2Philips, DM7000, DM7020, DM5600, DM5620, DM500, DM600PVR, TR_DVB272S, DM500PLUS, Unknown };
which DM do you have? you may try "always 16:9" on your box, it may work ...


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