Problem about compiling libraries in image

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Problem about compiling libraries in image

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I do not know if this is the right subforum, sorry if it is not. Also sorry for my English, I'm using google translator.
I compiled my own image for dm500s with Linux Kernel2.6.9. glibc 2.3.2 and gcc 3.4.4.
The sources, here

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 git://$f $f
The prepare file

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cd .. && CURRENT_PATH=`pwd`;
cd cdk
# boxtype dm500 dm56x0 or dm7000
if test -z "$TYPE"; then
./configure \
    --with-boxtype="dreambox" \
    --with-boxmodel=$TYPE \
    --with-webif=expert \
    --prefix=$CURRENT_PATH/root \
    --with-cvsdir=$CURRENT_PATH \
    --enable-maintainer-mode \
    --with-epg=standard \
    --with-mhw-epg=yes \
    --with-flashtool=standard \
    --with-ext-flashtool=yes \
    --with-enigma-debug=yes \
    --enable-ide \
    --enable-dropbear \
    --enable-kernel26 \
I compile my dm500 image with: make flash-enigma-squashfs
Everything went perfect but I have problems with symbols in the library when I execute, for example, C**am (edit by MTM)

The error is: relocation error, symbol bcopy not defined GLIBC_2.0 in

If I execute mgcamd, the symbol is "clock" no defined in
In the static library file (libc.a) in root/cdkroot /lib/ the objects bcopy.o and clock.o exists. (ar x libc.a) Also this objects exists in (readelf -s

Where should I change the settings so that this symbol is included in file
Is there any other method or way to do this? or am I doing something wrong?

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Re: Problem about compiling libraries in image

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We don't support any help to illegal software!
Na schönen Dank Herr Schwanke!
Ein toller Sommer! :-(

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