Help with mklibs

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Help with mklibs

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Hi there,

I've built a working Enigma2 image for my dbox2 (sagem).
The target is flash-enigma-squashfs-all.
It works great but I'm having some trouble with :empty:.
I'm using the same toolchain to build :empty: but one symbol is being stripped from libc:

/tmp/:empty: -b
/tmp/:empty:: relocation error: /tmp/:empty:: symbol daemon, version GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file with link time reference

The "-b" switch needs the daemon symbol which gets stripped by mklibs.
It works great without "-b" :)

Is there a way I can let mklibs have a look at my :empty: binary during build-time and not strip the symbols it requires?
I cannot place :empty: in cdkroot/bin because it's too large too include.
Instead, I'd like to place it on the /var partition so I can update it afterwards. (I'm testing some :empty: patches).

So I only need mklibs to include it when scanning for symbols to be dropped. ... tomization states I can make a: var-[GUI]
Something like

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cp /home/mastag/:empty:.ppc var-enigma/bin/:empty:
Any suggestions?
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Re: Help with mklibs

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this is not supported here..
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